Don’t let cancer define you, use your journey to help others.

After surviving cancer, it is common to have the fear of cancer coming back. Here are some ways to help you to cope with those feelings.

In-depth understanding of your cancer type
By learning your type of cancer, you can have a better understanding of the treatment plans and ways to control the cancer. 

Express your feelings
Share your worries, feelings and emotions. Do not keep it to yourself, if you sense any changes physically or emotionally, seek help. Talk with your loved ones. You are not alone. 

Occupy your time, Keep Busy!
Fill your time with activities, and find a hobby of interest. By keeping yourself busy, you have less time for your worries. 

Set realistic expectations
Whether your treatment is concluded, or you are still ongoing maintenance therapies, celebrate every milestone. Be patient, healing is not a linear path. 

Seek comfort from spirituality
Many survivors have found their faith, religion, or sense of spirituality to be a source of strength.

Take part in clubs, classes, or social gatherings
Getting out of the house may help you focus on other things besides cancer and the worries it brings


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