Malaysia’s Top Healthcare Provider 

Sunway Healthcare Group (SHG) is a leading integrated private healthcare group with a network of hospitals and health services in Malaysia. Following the success of Sunway Medical Centre, we opened our second tertiary hospital, Sunway Medical Centre Velocity in September 2019. Together, the two hospitals have a combined capacity of 800 beds and close to 300 consultant specialists. 

As part of our expansion strategy to provide more communities with access to quality healthcare, we will increase our footprint all over Malaysia with a hospital in Seberang Jaya (Penang). This growth will propel us to be one of the largest healthcare groups in the region, with a combined capacity of over 3,500 beds throughout our network of hospitals.

Pledging our support for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDG), we proactively support the nation’s agenda in raising healthcare standards in Malaysia through reaching out and educating the community on health issues and the importance of healthcare, which is also in line with the vision of the Ministry of Health to achieve better health. We also work in partnership with numerous NGOs to ensure equitable and essential health services for all. 

Our primary focus is to deliver excellent medical outcome through patient-centric care. We continue to improve the lives we touch through holistic healthcare offerings such as ambulatory care, traditional and complementary medicine, home care services, as well as health-screening and GP services. Our reputation is well known in the region as our hospitals have received more than 43,000 international patients from over 135 countries. 

With the aim to shape the future of healthcare with world-class healthcare professionals, we seek to enhance collaboration in the domain of medicine and medical education.

Together with Sunway Education Group, collaborations with world-class institutions such as University of Cambridge, Royal College of Physicians (London), Royal Papworth Hospital and Harvard Medical School have been established for continuous development of our healthcare professionals. The partnership with University of Cambridge, in particular, also includes recognising our Clinical Research Centre as the sole Regional Site Partner to conduct and coordinate research involving human patients

Progress and Growth

Expansion of hospitals and speciality centres across the country

A Whole Spectrum of Care

We provide tertiary and ambulatory care, as well as supportive and complementary healthcare services for all

Shaping the Future of Healthcare

We emphaises on continuous learning and the development of our healthcare professionals through worldclass collaborations