The Cancer Centre is a comprehensive cancer care centre supporting all kinds of cancer patients including head and neck cancer, lung, colon, breast, cervix, prostate, stomach and others.

Our team of specialists and healthcare professionals practice a multidisciplinary approach to cancer management, offering patients myriad treatment options for surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other therapies, that are carefully curated to help patients combat cancer and reduce pain and suffering.

Additionally, the centre is supported by our radiology department and nuclear medicine centre providing diagnostic scans – CT, MRI, PET/CT – and the use of other diagnostic tools to accurately diagnose and stage cancer, enabling personalised treatment plans.

Treatment planning differs for each individual even for the same cancer type. We always ensure that our treatments are not only personalised, but are also clinically recognised, researched and result-driven to enable patients to get back on their feet in as little time, cost, and discomfort as possible.

Cancer Centre

Other than treating cancer, we also want patients to continue living normally, with maximum participation in their family, work, social and personal lives.

Our supportive health services are steered by trained professionals to help patients regain control over their lives. This can be achieved by improving their bodily functions, reimagining their lifestyles and relieving their pain through various kinds of relevant care plans to make life more liveable.

The Cancer Centre team is made up of oncologists, medical physicists, radiotherapists, pathologists, radiologists, phatmacists and oncology nurses. Working alongside oncologists are surgeons and physicians from more than 25 other medical specialities, utilising high-tech radiotherapy machines available in the centre, along with surgical robotics, minimally invasive devices, imaging, screening, diagnostic systems and laboratory situated in-house.

Patients of the Centre also benefit from a spacious and calming chemo day ward while being they are supported by the allied healthcare teams including dietetics and nutritionists, home nursing, speech and hearing and rehabilitation therapy.

We know that fighting cancer puts a lot of burden on your body, heart and mind. That is why we want to make the road to getting better as comfortable, hassle-free and cost-effective for you as possible.

Our approach is holistic and compassionate, standing by the patients throughout their entire cancer journey, from diagnosis to full recovery. We aim to serve and provide care with more personalisation that encourages hope, comfort and the best possible outcomes.

Your First Choice For a Second Opinion

There is always time for more research to ensure that your diagnosis is accurate and the treatment plan given to you is the most likely to succeed.

This may include getting a second opinion from another clinician.

Why Does Second Opinion Matter?

Cancer Centre

You are unsure if your initial diagnosis is correct

Cancer Centre

You have doubts and wish to clear them

Cancer Centre

You wish to explore more treatment options

Cancer Centre

You wish to enjoy advanced medical technologies and equipment that are not available at your initial cancer centre

Cancer Centre

You wish to make a more informed choice when deciding for a treatment plan

Cancer Centre

Peace of mind and comfort while communicating with your cancer care team is important to you

Our Cancer Centre team leaves no stone unturned. Diagnosis and tailored treatment suggestions are only provided after having performed a thorough and complete assessment of your medical history, including review of your medical reports, blood and imaging test results and radiological findings.

The Tumour Board is the name of our Cancer Centre’s weekly patient-centric multidisciplinary conference meeting, gathering healthcare professionals from multiple specialities, including surgeons, physicians, oncologists, radiologists and pathologists, working as a streamlined team to investigate complex cancer cases and to review the pros and cons of various treatment options, from acute to long-term.

By the end of the meeting, the team collectively decides the most ideal treatment plan for the individual patient, with the sole aim of achieving the best possible outcomes.

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