Cancer is only going to be a chapter in your life, not the whole story. 

Every patient has different expectations from the treatment and different coping abilities.  Here are some useful tips for you!

cancer diagnosis

Get the facts about your cancer diagnosis
Write down your questions and concerns. Bring them with you when you see your healthcare provider. 

Active Communication
Honest, two-way communication with the people you find comfort. Share your concerns, feelings and expectations. This helps to ease your mind and better preparation for your treatment journey.


Maintain a healthy lifestyle 
Exercise and participate in activities that you enjoy. By practising a healthy lifestyle, it may help in managing stress and fatigue. 

Let friends and family help you
Do not hesitate to seek assistance from people around you. Sometimes we do need help when things get overwhelmed. It is normal, let them help you!


healthy lifestyle

cancer support group

Join a cancer support group 
It can be hard to talk about cancer with people who haven’t experienced it. Connect with other cancer survivors or cancer patients through support groups. Reach out to them, and ask for advice in managing the side effects of treatment.



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