The Women & Children’s Centre offers a full range of obstetrics and gynaecological health care, paediatrics health care and family planning services.

Women’s Health

A comprehensive range of services for the overall well-being of a woman is made available in the centre, including comprehensive gynaecology care, cancer treatments, management of pregnancies and pre-and post-natal care.

From routine annual physical examinations (add s) and Pap smears (add s) to menopause, our team is on hand to get women through each phase, in a safe and facile approach to complete health care. Our comprehensive range of services ensures that patient care starts at the beginning of life itself.

Children’s Health

On top of this, our child health services provide medical care and preventative services for the physical, mental and behavioural health care of newborns, infants, toddlers, children and adolescents from 0 to 18 years old.

Women & Children's Centre

Caring for the health, general growth, and overall well-being of children, we offer a wide range of comprehensive services from immunisation and screening to diagnosis and treatment of any health problems that may affect younger patients, including monitoring of growth rate and physical milestones of children, developmental issues and their changing medical needs as they grow.

Our holistic approach to women's and children’s health is evidence-based and of the highest quality in healthcare. Our doctors and nurses are continuously trained on new approaches in order to provide you with the most up-to-date methods and procedures that are best suited for you and your child.  

Expecting Mothers

For expecting mothers, we combine modern technology with comfortable surroundings and professional care to ensure a safe childbirth experience for mothers and babies. We also specialise in pre-and post-natal care, infant development and mother-and-baby wellness.

We offer more than just physical support as we also pay attention to the emotional and physiological development of the infant and mother.

Our experienced nurses and doctors help to nurture the parent-baby relationship and support parents in continuing care after discharge.

Our nursing staff have been trained to provide a step-by-step guide in breastfeeding your baby where you can learn the best breastfeeding positions and overcome common breastfeeding problems. Other methods include guiding mothers through the feeding cup, bathing the baby, safe baby care and other newborn care advice.

We will continue to improve the overall birthing and coming into parenthood experience for our clients.

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